We ARE different!


All CPR training & certification classes are not the same.

Some CPR training companies will try to tell you that they can be in and out in no time at all. The only thing this company wants is your money and they are selling you a CPR certification card to get it.

There should be manikins available for each student in your Tampa CPR class to practice doing chest compressions. You can’t get the feel of doing compressions correctly by just watching a movie. Good instructors see how students learn and adjust to individual needs.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


Today, part of a  CPR training & certification class is using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

An AED is the only thing that a lay person can use to save someone who is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We perform CPR to keep the brain viable but an AED sends an electric shock to the heart to get it back into a normal sinus rhythm.

As part of your To Save a Life Colorado CPR training and certification class; you want to conduct hands on training with an AED as well.

The use of the AED combined with you doing the CPR gives the victim the best chance of survival until the next level of care arrives.

Also included in your Teller County CPR training & certification class is choking instructions.

So what makes for a good CPR class?

  • Taught by Certified Instructors
  • Everyone Uses Their Own Manikin
  • Everyone gets Hands-On-Training
  • Everyone gets Hands-On-Evaluated
  • Everyone gets a Certification Card

CPR classes in the Pike’s Peak Region are not created equal.

How to choose a good training company ? Ask questions!

  • How many manikins will you bring?
  • What is the instructor to student ratio?
  • Are you going over Universal Precautions in depth so we can protect ourselves?
  • How much hands on time will we get?
  • If you are doing CPR for children and infants, does the instructor evaluate everyone for that as well?
  • Do we just watch a video and take a test?
  • Does everyone get a CPR card?
  • Does everyone in the class get hands-on training?
  • Do you do scenario based training for the AED too?
  • Do you go over calling 9-1-1?


Make sure your Teller or El Paso County CPR training & certification class covers everything you need. If you’re confused in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask your instructor.